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Season 2 Episodes

Episodes will be edited and transferred over to Spotify in the near future!

Currently on Spotify:

  • Season Two Episode 1 "Welcome to Crave" 

Crave S2 EP2 Episode Flyer.jpg

S2 Episode 2

Being on Italian News and
Imposter Syndrome

Aired on 3.1.2023

Craves talks about our reactions to the articles and being thankful for the Italian American community. Crave mentions self-worth, Tom Brady, and food. Crave has an interview with special guest Dj Roberto Onofri.

Crave S2 EP3 Episode Flyer.jpg

S2 Episode 3


Aired on 3.8.2023

Crave talks about their relationship with food and pizza. Crave also does their first giveaway gift certificate to Tony's Pizza.  

Crave S2 EP4 Episode Flyer.jpg

S2 Episode 4


Aired on 3.15.2023

Crave talks about their relationship with fashion. Alex explains what type of gear you can wear to football games. Samantha mentions how fashion is mixed in history and culture.  Crave announces

the winner of their first giveaway! The winner was contacted through their official Instagram account. 

Crave S2 EP5 Episode Flyer.jpg

S2 Episode 5

Spring Break 

Aired on 3.29.2023

Co-Hosts: Samantha, Alex, and Jennifer

Crave talks about what they did over spring break such as visiting the Ferrari and Castello di Amorosa, eating at Tony's Pizza,

and trying on clothes at Alice Becker Inc. Crave interviews special guest Samantha Anastasia,* a social media star and musician.

*audio interview is provided by Samantha's agency

Interview with Samantha Anastasia
00:00 / 26:51
Crave S2 EP6 Episode Flyer.jpg

S2 Episode 6

Relationship with Music

Aired on 4.5.2023

Crave talks about Ferrari and music. Crave interviews special guest​ Pauline Fitzgerald, former news anchor and reporter.

Crave S2 EP7 Episode Flyer.jpg

S2 Episode 7

Culture with Food

Aired on 4.12.2023

Alex explains football jingles. Crave talks about food within our culture and families. Crave interviews special guest Viola Buitoni, food writer.

Interview With Viola Buitoni
00:00 / 23:12
Crave S2 EP8 Episode Flyer.jpg

S2 Episode 8


Aired on 4.19.2023

Crave discusses how ​ education plays a role in our lives. Alex gives an introduction to how American football games works. Crave interviews special guest Dr. Federico Pacchioni, author and educator at Chapman University. 

Crave S2 EP9 Episode Flyer.jpg

S2 Episode 9


Aired on 4.26.2023

Jennifer talks about self-care. Alex mentions how much the 49ers means to her. Samantha speaks about her passion for the Italian American lifestyle. Crave interviews special guest​ Jill Cooper, fitness expert and author. 

Crave S2 EP10 Episode Flyer.jpg

S2 Episode 10

Episode 10

Aired on 5.3.2023

Alex talks about off-season events. Jennifer speaks about the lack of individuality in relationships. Samantha shares her cooking demonstration experience from the field trip. 

Crave S2 EP11 Episode Flyer.jpg

S2 Episode 11

Episode 11

Aired on 5.10.2023

Crave mentions BECAfest. Jennifer brings up memories within photographs. Alex mentions Super Bowl winners saying they’re going to Disneyland or World. Crave interviews two special guests Randy Gibson, medical director and Bill Fox, former 49ers photographer with special mention to Nine Corners.

Interview With Randy and Bill
00:00 / 18:27
Crave S2 EP12 Episode Flyer.jpg

S2 Episode 12

See You Later :) 

Aired on 5.17.2023 

Alex and Jennifer talks about graduation. Crave shares their overall experience with radio and season two of Crave. End of Season 2  👀 ? 

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